As a Full Stack Embedded System Software Engineer (Firmware, BIOS, H/W programming and algorithms, PLC, ASIC, BGA, IC, Microcontroller Programming, Semiconductor/Sensors/ARM & Cortex/ Arduino/ Adreno/ Mali GPU) at SANSO, you’ll be helping in the development of SANSO Devices (SANSO Mobiles, Tablets, Smart Wearables, SoC, IOTs & gadgets). Responsible for Firmware designing and programming implemented on SoC.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Extensive knowledge on general purpose Smart telecom devices & gadgets' Microcontrollers and Processors
  • Strong concept & expertise on Dragon/Moly board Baseband versions, and Linux kernel versions
  • Experience with cameras/ Image processing & CMOS Image sensors and Photography solutions' algorithm designing & programming
  • Solid understanding of AR/VR/XR/LR/Parallax Barrier/Auto-Stereoscopy/Holographic/Percepectual computing architecture designing & embedded programming.
  • Expertise on ASIC, PLC, BGA, ARM & Cortex, Arduino, and Adreno architecture designing & programming.
  • Experience with hardware interface and protocols such as I2C, SPI, Ethernet, USB, UART, RS485, GPRS, GSM, XMPP etc.
  • Good knowledge on conceptualizing the board, getting the PCB & PCBA design, tested in a virtual environment, getting test boards made, prototype testing & production management.
  • Strong hands on experience in Real time embedded software/hardware development using 8/16/32 bit microcontrollers (STM/ARM/Cortex processors)
  • Hands on experience in embedded RTOS; usage of GSM/GPRS modules
  • Usage of IDEs, Compilers, Debuggers, Emulators, CANalyzer, CANoe
  • Well versed with Product development Lifecycle, SDLC/HDLC
  • Strong hands on experience using Wireless Communication protocols (RF, Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, MST, etc)
  • Strong knowledge of OSI layers, network topologies, routing & communication protocols, mapping.
  • Excellent skills in debugging and integration testing using Oscilloscopes, Digital Analyzers, Multimeter, etc.
  • Expertise on Hardware circuit design and analysis, Analyzing schematics, C,C++, MATLAB, Python programming, Microcontroller/processor programming, memory regions, and their uses (heap, stack, IVT, code)
  • Ability to effectively use & desing a Volt/Ohm meter and an Oscilloscope
  • Understanding of boolean math (logic), and different kinds of memory (RAM, ROM, Flash), the differences between them and how they are read, written, accessed.
  • Expertise on Smartphones, IoTs, Smart Home Platforms on ARM,Cortex, Arduino, Raspberry Pi architecture, Machine learning, AI & Data Science
  • Must have strong expertise on Motherboard, daughterboard, Sound engineering & relevant components & parts for smartphones & IoTs respectively
  • Understanding of multi-tasking & multi-threading and their implementation & designing, Power Management (Wireless & Wired Charging technologies)
  • Strong knowledge of Embedded Linux programming, OS Internals, IPC, thread programming and embedded application firmware/software development.
  • Proficient in software development tools such as IDEs, compilers, debuggers, emulators, source control system and defect/ bug tracking systems.
  • Experience with GNU Tools and Source Code Control systems
  • Strong understanding & expertise on UNIX/Linux, Android OS kernel architecture & programming
  • Expertise in designing & programming of AES Encrypted Firmware with Hardware & Software level strong Security protocols.
  • Experience in Soc platforms of MediaTek, Spreadtrum, QUALCOMM, etc.
  • Knowledgeable in routing for high-speed signals, impedance control, and BGA layout
  • Understanding of sub system failure analysis, including display, battery, PCB & PCBA, enclosures and interconnects
  • Aware of regulatory compliances like CE, FCC, ROHS, SAR, and QC parameters as per industry.
  • Hands on experience in Reliability testing, Production Line test setup.

Education & Experience Requirement

  • Bachelor’s/Master's/Ph.D Degree in in IT/Engineering or equivalent field with at least 6-7 years firmware development experience in Telecom Smart Consumer devices
  • System architecture design and optimization
  • Design, implement, debug, and test embedded systems software
  • Skilled in using debugging tools: JTAG (IAR IJET), Tracealyzer
  • Fieldbus: Profibus, Devicenet, Ethernet
  • IDE tool: MPLAB- X IDE, Texas Instruments CCS, KEIL, Eclipse
  • Proven communication and writing skills in English

Industry Details

  • Industry: Telecom/Smart Consumer Electronics
  • Department: R&D
  • Role: Full Stack Embedded System Software Engineer (Firmware designing & programming)
  • Employment Status: Full time