Database expert maintain and develop database systems that we use for storing, analyzing, and retrieving data. Different databases include Microsoft’s SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle Database Specialization (must), PostgreSQL, and SQLite. Database expert work with both technicians and not-technicians in the preparation of software presentations and reports

Eligibility Criteria

  • Supports database performance by monitoring database performance; evaluating and resolving processing and programming problems; designing database management tools; answering user questions.
  • Secures database by preparing access and control policies and procedures; implementing disaster recovery procedures.
  • Develops relational and/or Object-Oriented databases, database parser software, and database loading software.
  • Architect efficient and reusable back-end systems that drive complex web applications
  • Responsible for developing a database structure that fits into the overall architecture of the system under development and has to make trades among data volumes, number of users, logical and physical distribution, response times, retention rules, security, and domain controls.
  • Experience building data solutions with Amazon Web Services, such as S3, RDS, Redshift, Aurora, Snowflake, Lambda
  • Experience with database backup and restoration. Familiarity with FAA data and disaster recovery policies.
  • Experience in developing, testing, and deploying NAS periodic database updates
  • Experience working with Linux, and Windows servers.
  • DB Backup/Recovery RMAN and SQL Backtrack
  • Database Activity/ Scripts/Automation/Audit Reports
  • Enhance and automate significant amount of DBA daily operations.
  • Good experience to design, develop & maintain the database of Ecommerce store
  • Knowledge of caching techniques
  • Debugging, Performance Testing, Performance Optimization, Memory Management, Automation, Deployment, Monitoring, etc.
  • Design & Develop the database of secure Messaging system.
  • Working knowledge of security, encryption, and data integration in order to protect sensitive data. Apply Military Graded Encryption protocols
  • Experience with connecting to and posting to API’s for data ingestion and publishing of data sets, including SOAP & REST and related transport technologies (XML/JSON)
  • Experience with other object-oriented development tools such as C#/.Net ,Java, Python
  • Experience with data injection from multiple systems.

Education & Experience Requirement

  • Bachelor’s/ Master’s degree in IT or relevant field with at least 6-7 years of technology experience is required
  • Install, maintain, and implement patching and upgrades of Oracle and SQL Servers.
  • Develop and publish processes, procedures and operations (SOPs) documentation
  • Oracle database administration experience with RDBMS versions 10g, 11g and 12c
  • Expert-level knowledge of structured query language (SQL)
  • Experience with Mnesia db
  • Experience with AWS cloud database solutions such as: Amazon Aurora, RDS, Redshift, Timestream, QLDB, DocumentDB, etc.
  • Experience with Microsoft cloud database solutions such as: Azure SQL Database, Cosmos DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • Experience with configuration of Virtual Servers
  • Breadth and depth of experience across physical, virtual and cloud database system infrastructure including Oracle and SQL Server ecosystems.
  • Proven communication and writing skills in English

Industry Details

  • Industry: Telecom/Smart Consumer Electronics
  • Department: R&D
  • Role: Database Expert
  • Employment Status: Full time