We are seeking a seasoned Brand PR & Communication Executive to lead our branding & marketing efforts in the APAC & MEA region.

As the Brand Communication Executive, your focus will be on elevating brand awareness, positioning, and crafting compelling marketing campaigns, with a strong emphasis on digital, social media and PR.

If you’re passionate about shaping brand narratives, driving marketing excellence, and have a track record of impactful campaigns, this is the right role for you!

Eligibility Criteria

  • Managing SANSO as a brand and it's product(s) and corporate communication front nationwide resulting in increased brand health.
  • Implement and utilize analytics to track sales trends and identify opportunities for growth
  • Brand Image development, equity generation and positive brand building KPIs.
  • Managing portfolio of all Products & Services from Previous to New product development till final product launch including start-to-end Marketing Plans having ATL, BTL, OOH, Digital Marketing, Market storming, TVC / Print / Radio / Activation concept development plans with further necessary executions as per geo-marketing needs.
  • Managing the full marketing mix, including advertising and promotional budgets, inventory planning and demand forecasting.
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Brand Marketing
  • Digital & Social Marketing
  • Offline Marketing
  • Reporting & Budgeting
  • PR & Vendor Management

Education & Experience Requirement

  • Min. 2-3 years of relevant field experience is ideal.
  • Demonstrated understanding of broad marketing & branding principles of segmentation, positioning and targeting the relevant audience in APAC & MEA region.
  • Understanding of broadly adopted social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok etc.
  • Strong communication & negotiation skills and a deep understanding of consumer insights.
  • Good MS Office skills.

Industry Details

  • Department: Brand PR & Communication
  • Role: Brand PR & Communication Executive
  • Employment Status: Full time (On-Site)
  • Office Timing: 7:30am - 5:30pm (Monday to Saturday)

Important Note:

Interview Criteria:

Applicant(s) must have ethical organizational behaviour & communicational skills

Attach your resume in the relevant position segment

You’ll have a quick Interview mail if your resume is shortlisted

Interview Phases
i) Online Phase of general Interview on Skype via text phase to keep all chat as record for the management.
ii) Shortlisted candidate will be given a Task or Project related to their position/department to check your abilities.
iii) A final review of your submitted project or task via senior team, where you will show off your Task or Project detailed presentation and demonstrate what you have to offer out of the box expertise of your's.


Q. Who issues the work permit?
A. The timeline and results related to the Approval/Rejection of the Work Permit Application is the core decision of the concerned Immigration department of UAE.
Applicant(s) who would be selected/shortlisted for UAE Office of SANSO will be processed for the work permit as per the Govt policies under the sponsorship of SANSO.

Benefits & Perks:

Accommodation with Internet facility
Medical Insurance
Yearly holidays
Travelling and Training On relevant tools and programs if needed will be invested by the Company
NOC for bringing/sponsoring Family (For married people only) will be issued after Probation on the complete expenses of the employee on demand
As per law work permit is min of 2-3 years, that co. will renew it from co. Expenses

During Probation or regular tenure of your service if you are not performing as per the given task or targets, so company is eligible to fire you as per MOI/MOL laws permissions.
If you breach any policy and involve any serious crime or against company goodwill then your visa will be cancelled & you will be deported back with immediate effect.