SANSO is looking for Art Director with an exceptional imagination and a passion for creating experiences that engage and empower users. As an Art Director at SANSO, you will prove that great design is about concept, craft, and context, as well as visual communication and language. Together, we’re going to create work that changes the world.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Able to creatively supervise and drive projects from beginning to end with assistance or supervision.
  • Excellent organizational skills in managing tasks, setting priorities, and meeting deadlines and expectations.
  • Exceptional understanding of 3D game development including the technology advancements, trade-offs, and the challenges associated.
  • Experienced in Mobile platform, VR, AR, XR, LR, Holographic or mixed reality technology
  • Adapt at problem-solving (both alone and in groups); ability to evaluate creative, workflow, and technical challenges and provide credible and achievable solutions.
  • Deep and broad understanding of successful art and visual design principles
  • Experience working in multiple creative disciplines: digital assets, UI/UX, animations, 3D motion graphics, VFX, CG, concept art and illustration.
  • Proficient and knowledgeable in current development tools and software including but not limited to: Unity, Maya and/or 3DS Max, Adobe Creative Suite etc.
  • Broad understanding of the Disney brands including: Star Wars, Disney/Pixar, Marvel
  • Establish the projects visual style and quality standards; provide clear and concise visual direction, guidance and feedback across all aspects of art development.
  • Designing ads, advertising collateral, and miscellaneous marketing pieces
  • Interfacing with photographers, illustrators, and television production companies
  • Experienced with CG Software - Maya, Z Brush, Substance
  • Conceptualize campaign vision, harnessing original graphics, copy, content websites, social media, and other marketing materials
  • Develop creative briefs based on ideas established in brainstorming sessions with direction, schedules, and expected deliverables for the creative team
  • Design & Present final layouts, storyboards, and illustrations
  • Expertise in a broad set of design-thinking frameworks, tools, methodologies such as persona development, journey-mapping, storyboard and wireframe development, immersion research, requirements discovery, longitudinal research, usability research, etc.
  • Fluent in Digital, Social, AV, and Print advertising formats and top of class design benchmarks
  • Extensive visual design experience in creating websites, web and mobile applications, and digital campaigns
  • A working knowledge/understanding of HTML, HTML 5, CSS, iOS, Android, and the capabilities of web browsers
  • Expertise in data-visualization, InDesign, After Effects, XD and Sketch
  • Expertise in 3ds Max modeling and UV mapping.

Education & Experience Requirement

  • Bachelor’s/Master's/Ph.D Degree in design or advertising field with at least 10+ years of experience is required.
  • Exceptional capability with typography, layout, and prototyping
  • Web development experience
  • Have a solid knowledge of photography and video production
  • Have an interest in social and cultural trends and fashions.
  • Proven communication and writing skills in English

Industry Details

  • Industry: Telecom/Smart Consumer Electronics
  • Department: Creative Design
  • Role: Art Director
  • Employment Status: Full time